The observation : Pietu Couture is committed to a more responsible fashion for the Planet. When creating a fashion brand in the 21st century, certain issues have become non-negligible. The climatic and social urgency pushes us to rethink our modes of consumption, in order to avoid reproducing the pitfalls of the most polluting industry in the world. 

"Sustainable and accessible high-end products"

Upcycling : Thus, every day we choose to produce better. We do this by upcycling, a process that recovers and restores value to unused products and avoids waste. This creative process is challenging, but it allows us to create original, bold and sustainable pieces. 

"Using the existing to create the new"

Artisanal know-how : Today, the fashion industry has become one of the main sources of pollution in the world. The impact of fast fashion and compulsive shopping make us forget the whole manufacturing process behind the creation of a garment. This process is a concentration of know-how, technique, imagination and hard work. 

At Pietu Couture, we want to make our customers aware of the impact and work of this value chain. To do this, we favour artisanal know-how to make our creations. We develop all our pieces in Paris or in the Paris region. This development includes the research of volume upstream (fabrics, materials), the realization of the sketch, and the creation of the pattern and the fitting of the prototypes. This long and tedious process is often unknown to consumers. Therefore, we make sure to highlight the choices, inspirations, and techniques used, with a view to raising awareness about the history, the territory and any other element that contributes to the creation of the garment. Our goal is to allow our clients to feel that they own a unique piece of clothing, which they will want to preserve and pass on. 

Inclusiveness : Inclusiveness is another pillar of Pietu Couture. Indeed, we are convinced that in order to shine, women must wear comfortable clothes that look like them and allow them to feel free. To represent women and their bodies, Barbara Butch is the proud ambassador of Pietu Couture. Formerly Jean-Paul Gauthier's muse, the model is committed to including and advocating diversity alongside us. 

"Clothes for all bodies"

Tailor-made : Adaptability is one of our values. For us, clothes should fit our bodies, not the other way around. Pietu Couture offers the possibility to create tailor-made garments, so that women can have designs that are designed and thought for them. 

Creation of our pieces : In order to make beautiful pieces that last over time, our work goes through different stages of creation. The sketches are made by hand or on the computer, then sent to our pattern maker who will, on this basis, make a canvas by hand. This is the moment when the garment comes to life: the tests are then carried out (annotations, cuts, fittings, etc.). Then, we work together with the LAB by IFTH (the French Clothing Institute) to make the pattern and create the finishing touches (resistance tests, logo printing, alterations, etc.). 

This creative process is very important to us, as it is becoming increasingly rare. In a world where fast fashion has become the preferred mode of consumption, we want to contribute to changing the norms. 

Pre-order : In order to respect our commitments, we offer our customers the possibility of pre-ordering. This allows us to adjust our quantities precisely and not to overproduce. At Pietu Couture, we are convinced that sustainability must become the norm. Pre-ordering contributes to this desired reality, because it generates expectations, which is a way of rethinking our relationship with clothing. This awareness will trigger a change in our consumption patterns, and subsequently transform the industry. 

Pre-order waiting time : Our pre-order waiting time is about 6 weeks. We keep you informed by email of the progress made in the creation of your pre-order (receipt of the order, start of manufacturing, shipping ...). We also answer all your questions via Insagram (@pietucouture) and by e-mail via